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04 Apr

Vinegar on wood floors? Nope.

By Sara Martin

white vinegar All natural!  Cleans everything, good for your home and surfaces, etc. etc.  Um, almost but not quite.  Floor and Vinegar seem to go together as a solution.  A cleaning solution that is. Mom said it was fine, grandma said it was fine. So what's wrong with it?

It's acidic.  And your floors finish can be subtly or not so subtly broken down over time by the acid, causing the finish to appear dull and also not protecting the floor as long as it could.  Simple as that.

Water is a neutral and a 7 on the pH scale, and vinegar is a 3, the lower the number the more acidic.

Use it all day on your tile floor- sure, but not your wood floor. I would argue, not your vinyl either, which is a plastic like finish/material and the same concept applies.  Ammonia on the other hand is a base you can use, but that's another blog.

The best care for your floors, is regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment (no spinning beater bar) to suck up all those tiny particles that life drags into the house. Large rugs at your entrances will help.  The more tiny particles, walked on and ground into the finish, well it's like super fine sand paper.  Or depending on your home, it's like 80 grit.

hardwood floor

Then, keep moisture to a minimum as you wipe up spills or do a very light water mop - hand wring anything out so no drips, and dry after so no standing droplets of water.  If you are fancy, those spray/mist mops are fine with just water or a manufacturer approved product.

RECAP: No acids, (sorry grandma) vacuum as much as you can, low to no regular moisture = nice long lasting finishes on your hardwood floors.




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