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Clean house or kids? You shouldn’t have to choose between the two. And you don’t have to! Here are a few pro-tips to help you keep your busy house clean and organized!

Get the Kids to Help.
When your kids help clean the house, you have less to clean yourself. But their help doesn’t just benefit you; when kids do chores, you’re teaching them how to become an independent adult. Keep your house clean and be a great mom!? What a deal! If your kids are young or unfamiliar with doing chores, start small. Great chores for small kids are making the bed, washing door handles, drying the dishes, general dusting, or cleaning the cat litter. By the time they’re a bit older, they’ll be a lot of help.

Get Organized.
Cleaning is faster when you have a place for everything. Go through those messy drawers and closets sometime. Get bins or other storage spaces. This is especially true for the kids’ rooms. When you have toy bins, it makes their clean-up a lot easier for them.

Establish Rules.
Teach your kids to play with one toy at a time and put it back when they’re done playing with it. My mom always told me that whatever is on the floor after playtime, gets sucked up by the vacuum!

Make Cleaning Fun.
Let’s face it, kids hate cleaning. The best way to get your kids to actually help out is by giving them incentives. Whether it be a small allowance or TV privileges, give the kids a really good reason to help you out. Aside from incentives, another way to make cleaning fun is by cranking up the music!

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