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04 Apr

Why Employees Love phClean

By phclean

I interviewed five cleaning techs and asked them various questions about their time at phClean. Find out what initially attracted employees to phClean, why they love to work at here, and their favorite part of the job.

Raechel: Raechel has been working at phClean for over three years! As a trainer, Raechel shows new employees how to clean houses to phClean standards. When she’s not at work, Raechel loves to renovate her home and spend time with her family.
Dottie: Outside of phClean, Dottie works at her at-home health and wellness company and plays with her new Beagle puppy. Dottie has been with phClean for nearly three years.
Regina: New to phClean, Regina is finishing up her training and is starting to clean homes on her own. Regina has many hobbies, but her favorite past-time is working on cars.
Amber: In her free time, Amber enjoys spending time with her kids and watching them participate in various sports. Amber has been with phClean for nearly two years now; she is a trainer and our supply manager.
Petrea: Petrea has been with phClean for 6 months now. When she is not working as a trainer at phClean, Petrea spends a lot of time completing an online degree at Purdue. Aside from furthering her education, she loves to sew and make quilts.

Raechel: I had a friend that worked as a tech at phClean and she informed me that it was a nice job with flexible hours. I have 3 kids, so the flexibility was very appealing.
Dottie: My husband and I do a lot on the weekends, so the flexibility is great. No nights or weekends!
Regina: I love to clean! It’s relaxing!
Amber: The hours are great! I don’t have to work weekends, nights, or holidays. It allows me to spend more time with my kids!
Petrea: I like to clean and this seemed like a great company I can easily fit in. It’s a fun job!

Raechel: The management is very flexible with hours. Before I had maternity leave, I was easily able to lower my hours to part-time. They work with my schedule.
Dottie: There’s a lot of things I love about phClean. One of the main reasons is the family atmosphere here; everyone is here to help.
Regina: The staff is really nice and helpful. I feel like the training is very thorough, as well.
Amber: I really love the environment in general.
Petrea: I love this job because I can honestly say that I haven’t had a bad day yet. I also love getting to move; why would anyone want a desk job?!

Raechel: I love going to my regular homes; I’ve had some of the same homes for 3 years! I feel like I’ve become part of their family; I even get birthday cards and Christmas gifts from some of my clients! Clients love getting the same cleaner, and cleaners love getting the same client!
Dottie: phClean has a whole teamwork and family vibe. If I get sick, I’m able to call in without anyone getting mad at me and they easily find someone to sub in for me. I love the people here!
Regina: Honestly, the office cats.
Amber: I love meeting new people – clients and employees!
Petrea: There’s a lot of stressful jobs out there. Being a cleaning tech at phClean is definitely not one of them. Cleaning is therapeutic, stress-free, and gets my endorphins going!

Between flexible hours, a friendly environment, and a great staff, employees love working at phClean! Find out what phClean can do for you!

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