Covid-19 Message

As a professional cleaning company, we are in a vital position to help keep you and your home clean and healthy. Cleaning for health and wellness is what we do! It’s what we’ve done for 13+ years. We will continue to clean and sanitize homes with best practices as recommended by the CDC and IDPH.  Now more than ever, it’s of great importance to keep your home safe and healthy from COVID-19 and any other illness for the sake of our community and health care system.

We want you to know that we are working around the clock to be sure we are not only up to date on best practices, but ahead of things in this new, evolving time period of COVID-19 in Iowa.

At phClean, we take all of this very seriously and want to be open, candid and forthright about all we are doing to inform and communicate with our clients and staff in a caring manner. We want to do the right thing ALWAYS for our clients, staff and community at large. This aligns perfectly with our core values and how we have conducted business over the last 13+ years, and now this is even more vital in our current situation.

We are poised and ready to make a difference in the health and safety of your home and business by implementing the following safety practices:

  • Practicing social distancing. Our company is set up ideally to reduce the number of people in your home. As SOLO cleaning technicians, our staff spend most of their week cleaning alone. Technicians are not required to report to the office daily. They travel from their home to yours, take a break, clean a 2nd home and then travel back home again. We can minimize possible exposure by requiring just one quick visit to the office for supplies each week. We utilize technology (texting and apps), which helps to reduce office visits and minimizes face to face time. Additionally, we have also asked staff to limit their personal exposure to others (large groups especially) at this time. During your cleaning, your cleaning technician will respect a 6-foot distance when greeting you and while working in your home.
  • Strict hygiene practices. Staff have been trained on proper handwashing, proper sneeze & cough techniques, proper disposal of trash and other best practices directly from the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health. Staff will wash their hands before entering a home and upon leaving each home. Our staff have protective equipment such as gloves and shoe covers if needed.
  • Already professionally trained. This is not new to us! With a professional training program, our cleaning staff must graduate from phClean’s 8-day training program which includes proper cleaning and sanitizing of your home with our Heavy Duty Cleaning (Envirox H2Orange2), as well as our commercial grade bathroom cleaner (Comet). With the current situation, we have taken additional steps, retraining and emphasizing the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your home. We always use freshly laundered/sanitized microfibers and disposable paper towels to clean your home. Our staff has a great quantity of microfiber cleaning cloths for each home so they can be changed out frequently and are not reused between rooms.
  • Illness/Missing Work. phClean has always provided paid time off for staff to use if sick. During this time, we have added more days to this policy to ensure our staff is able to stay home if they or a family member are ill without a loss of wages. We have mandated that any staff member stay home from work if they or a close family member are experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory symptoms or other illness. With this, if your regular technician is ill, you can be confident you will see a healthy fill-in technician that day.
  • Client responsibility. If you or a close family member are feeling unwell or have been exposed, we ask that you call us right away. If you have recently traveled to a known area where COVID-19 has been spread, you must call us in advance. As a precaution, your cleaning will be skipped that week.
  • School closings: We will absolutely be able to clean your home when you and/or your children are present (just like summers and other school breaks). This so we can maintain your regular schedule and continue to clean and sanitize your home, keeping our community healthy.
  • Feel secure: Know that we have spent countless hours gathering information, making contingency plans, educating and informing clients and staff to stay ahead of this situation.
  • We have a Cold & Flu/Virus Buster service that’s available for disinfecting touch points in your home. This was developed and offered by phClean well before the outbreak of COVID-19. We believe keeping your home safe and healthy from all illness is of the utmost importance.
Here are our top priorities through this event:
  • Keeping our staff safe, healthy and employed.
  • Keeping clients safe, and confident in us and our ability to provide a valuable and professional service, which is even more important right now.
  • Keeping phClean strong and smart in this changing environment.
Lastly, but important reminders:
  • Let us know prior to your cleaning if you or your family are experiencing any flu like symptoms or have traveled to an area with high occurrence of COVID-19.
  • If you want to add the Cold & Flu/Virus Buster touch point disinfecting service onto your regular service, just call or email us in advance and we’ll get it set up.
  • Feel confident that we will not send anyone that is ill to your home. Know that if your regular tech is not feeling well, you will have a healthy fill-in.
  • If schools close and your kiddos are home from school, don’t worry we can work around them (much like we do in the summers and other school breaks). They can play in the basement or another room so we can work efficiently in the main house clean and sanitize your home!
  • We’re here! Please ASK US if you have questions we have not answered or were not covered here, just ask! Our values of Kindness and Respect and Client Happiness include making sure you feel confident in us!

Thanks so much for using our service and supporting our staff and small business. We are all in this together–you are part of our phFamily and we are here for you.

Sara Thompson, Owner
Daniel, Ames Manager
Jessica, Ankeny Manager