Covid-19 Message

As a professional cleaning company, we are in a vital position to help keep you and your home clean and healthy. Cleaning for health and wellness is what we do! It’s what we’ve done for 13+ years. We will continue to clean and sanitize homes with best practices as recommended by the CDC and IDPH.  Now more than ever, it’s of great importance to keep your home safe and healthy from COVID-19 and any other illness for the sake of our community and health care system.

We want you to know that we are working around the clock to be sure we are not only up to date on best practices, but ahead of things in this new, evolving time period of COVID-19 in Iowa.

At phClean, we take all of this very seriously and want to be open, candid and forthright about all we are doing to inform and communicate with our clients and staff in a caring manner. We want to do the right thing ALWAYS for our clients, staff and community at large. This aligns perfectly with our core values and how we have conducted business over the last 13+ years, and now this is even more vital in our current situation.

We are poised and ready to make a difference in the health and safety of your home and business by implementing the following safety practices:

Here are our top priorities through this event:
Lastly, but important reminders:

Thanks so much for using our service and supporting our staff and small business. We are all in this together–you are part of our phFamily and we are here for you.

Sara Thompson, Owner
Daniel, Ames Manager
Jessica, Ankeny Manager