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What is a Deep Clean or First Time Clean?
The first time we visit your home we do a very extensive, hand wipe, top to bottom cleaning. Your trim, door frames, ceiling fan blades, and light switches are all hand wiped. Anything we can reach with a two-step step stool, we hand wipe! Cupboards top to bottom, build-up in bathrooms and kitchen...THE WORKS!

A team will be scheduled for this cleaning, and this is charged at an hourly rate.
What is the Regular Cleaning service?
Regular service is scheduled weekly or every 2 weeks. Your home will already have been deep cleaned. There is a flat rate price (not hourly) for regular services.

One technician is scheduled to your home in the AM or the PM (a tech cleans two homes a day).

Your home will have its own Work Order and your technician (cleaning tech) will know what to do and where to do it. No need to babysit!

Regular cleaning includes (customization can be done as needed)

• Upper cupboards wiped and spot cleaned
• Lower cupboards wiped and cleaned
• Counter tops wiped and cleaned
• Counter items wiped
• Sink and fixtures cleaned
• Appliance fronts and edges cleaned
• Microwave inside cleaned
• Garbage changed
• Floors vacuumed or swept
• Floors Mopped
• Patio door glass cleaned
• Tables and chairs wiped or dusted

• Vanity lights dusted
• Mirrors shined
• Sinks and fixtures cleaned
• Toilet cleaned
• Tub and or shower cleaned
• Garbage changed
• Floors cleaned and mopped

• Door glass/side lights cleaned
• Dusting
• Vacuuming
• Mopping

• Dusting (areas reachable without a step stool)
• Straightening as we go
• Duster for blinds and fans
• Vacuuming (not edging carpets)
• Mopping or spot mopping depending on floor

What we can NOT do on our regular visits:
• Get out step stools for higher areas/shelves
• Hand wipe trim door frames or baseboards
• Hand wipe ceiling fan blades
• Edge carpet
• Move furniture
• Do dishes
• Do laundry
• Inside cupboards
• Inside refrigerator
• All interior window glass or tilt in windows
• Hand wipe all blinds
• Clean levels we have not yet deep cleaned

Any of these items can be added to your service when needed for an extra charge!
What if I currently have a service and am switching?
If you are switching services, welcome! We know you will be making a positive change! The first visit to your home may still need a Deep Clean, depending on the quality of your former service. Maybe you only need baseboards hand-wiped and you have zero build up elsewhere. Our office staff will come visit your home, if needed, to help determine this.
Pets, what do I do with them?
Please kennel or secure your dogs on your cleaning day, and make sure we know if you have any cats that like to escape! If your pet is 100% friendly when you are gone, let us know and we will be happy to love on it!
What forms of payment do you take?
We take any major credit card. Our convenient Client Portal makes it easy for you to check invoices, balances, and change your payment information anytime.
Do I need to be home for the cleaning?
Not at all. Most clients provide a safe and changeable garage or door code. As long as you have arranged access for us, you do not have to be home. Our technicians are used to cleaning in all kinds of settings. Clients may be working from home, or gone for the day, or come in and out.
How many people come at once?
The first Deep Clean visit we will send 2-4 techs. Ongoing regular cleaning is normally solo, or one tech per job. We have AM jobs and PM jobs. You will not have a team rushing in and out in order to finish 4-6 homes a day. You will have ONE accountable person who knows your home.
What products do you use?
We use Low Scent, Low Residue, pH neutral products primarily in our regular cleanings. The bathroom cleaner is a slightly lower pH (or acidic), so be sure to tell us if you have marble and we will use something safe. If we do a Deep Clean, we do bring in stronger cleaners, so please talk to our office if you have allergies or concerns.
Can I have the same cleaning tech every time always?
We strive to match your solo cleaning tech to your home and use the same tech each time. However, we cannot guarantee that. Our staff may be part time, have life or schedule changes, sick children or take vacations. They may even move on to higher education or different jobs. We encourage them to grow and learn. When that happens, we are able to send another tech so you will not have interruption of service. Homes all have individual work orders and we have standardized processes and training, so you do not have to worry if a change is necessary. And if you request a tech change? No problem, we can do that too.
Tipping? Is it ok and how do I do it?
Tipping is something you are not required to do, ever. If you would like to leave a tip, it is greatly appreciated. Please tip separately since we are not able to add it into our bill.
Feedback? Why do I get emails after each cleaning and what difference does it make?
We WILL ask you for feedback: Your response tells us how you feel about our service, and helps us correct any concerns right away. ALSO, our technicians get a pay bonus based on their overall client happiness ratings, so your response matters to them a lot! In the end, your kind words and your honest feedback means the most to our techs. They work hard and to receive "Great Job" when warranted, is priceless.
What if I'm not 100% happy with my cleaning?
If for any reason you are not happy with a cleaning, call or email us and we will be back the next day to make that correction or talk about any of your concerns. We are not happy unless you are happy!
What time do you get here?
Our AM start time is 8:30. Our PM start time is a little more fluid. Your technician will clean one home, take a quick lunch break, then head to your home. You can usually expect them between 12 and 1, but it depends on the first job and how long that takes. If you need a set time, request AM placement.
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