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Vacuum, sweeper, hoover… Whatever you call it, most of us use this cleaning machine weekly! This floor cleaning device has become a very important tool in our lives. The first manual vacuum cleaner was invented by Daniel Hess of Iowa in 1860! Hess’s patent stated that the vacuum’s purpose was “of destroying dirt.” It gathered […]
BEFORE THE ROTARY WASHING MACHINE In the beginning, people would clean their clothes in a stream by rubbing the clothing with sand or rocks. Fast forward to Colonial times, they would boil their clothing in a large pot then smack the clothing with a large paddle. By the early 1800s, the wooden washboard became a […]
04 Apr

Cleaning in History: The Mop

By phclean
Coffee… Dirt… Syrup… What can’t a mop clean up? Life can get messy sometimes, so be thankful that the mop exists! We’ll explore the three major inventions and innovations that define the mop we use today. Before the invention of the mop, people had to lug around a bucket of water, kneel on the ground, […]
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