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Getting your house clean and organized can be a hassle, but it’s worth it! Here’s why you should strive to keep your space clean. You’ll be More Productive. When your house is unorganized, you might often find yourself in a state of distraction. When your house is organized, you can relax and stop worrying about […]
04 Apr

3 Ways to Clean Your Microwave

By phclean
After reading a few different blogs and searching through Pinterest, I found the top three recommended ways to clean a dirty microwave. Microwaving certain solutions helps create a steamy environment inside the microwave that helps dampen and loosen the stubborn food stuck against the inside walls. Citrus. The Real Kitchen and Beyond recommends that you […]
04 Apr

Why Employees Love phClean

By phclean
I interviewed five cleaning techs and asked them various questions about their time at phClean. Find out what initially attracted employees to phClean, why they love to work at here, and their favorite part of the job. MEET: Raechel: Raechel has been working at phClean for over three years! As a trainer, Raechel shows new […]
04 Apr

Cleaning in History: The Mop

By phclean
Coffee… Dirt… Syrup… What can’t a mop clean up? Life can get messy sometimes, so be thankful that the mop exists! We’ll explore the three major inventions and innovations that define the mop we use today. Before the invention of the mop, people had to lug around a bucket of water, kneel on the ground, […]
04 Apr

Vinegar on wood floors? Nope.

By Sara Martin
All natural!  Cleans everything, good for your home and surfaces, etc. etc.  Um, almost but not quite.  Floor and Vinegar seem to go together as a solution.  A cleaning solution that is. Mom said it was fine, grandma said it was fine. So what’s wrong with it? It’s acidic.  And your floors finish can be subtly […]
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